About FUAW

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Factions-in-Utopia   punative, & missions-Assistive,  Wing

Is a (  NO-INVITATION-REQUIRED  ), faction open to;

1      Utopians & generally Li Yong Riu/Alliance/Groms ,
2      favouring-when-not-pledged-to  Lavigny/Winter or Aisling,  indipendent pilots/transients,

3       defecting/leaving   Lavignys/Winters or Aislings ,
3-2   just generally sick of Fed V. Empire defecting/leaving ,

4      mercenary/rogue/freelancer  /  freespirit/non-aligned/
         whatever-u-get-the-general idea ...

SKIP ...
( including in ( 'entry' 3-2  ) genuinely tired of Hudson pilots, Delainers especially,  prepared to commit to Utopia at least partially in temporay pledges ... in terms of Utopia being a better ALTERNATIVE, to whichever free-humanisms you feel are more freely defended in true (anarchist or whatnot) freedom under Delaine, & NOT truly defended in Hudson space ... when neither do a well enough job, but also, the Alliance is not for you... etc.
 Something generally...
NEW - an UNKNOWN gamble, roll of the dice, etc.
Contrastable, to counter-claimed persistent, old, arguments between the Fed and Empire, etc.
 While some things are strict within Utopia, there is some flexibility for limited-connectivity-SIMs in which even we, can get high and do things we enjoy, and UNlike in normal sims/connectivities-of, will not be a risk to others when so  -  PRIVATE, sims, in other words.
One does not have to stay connected to the more Guru-weaning, if one wishes.  Recognising the potentials of connectivity as a alternative to limited human precadents of communication & BEING , etc ... our 'old' ... FOR- Earth ... types of presence ... etc ... is a kind of minimum of realization about WHY, or HOW , Utopia aims to create something ...
... perhaps ... worth a try if nothing else from a gambler's perspective.

If that appeals to your used-to-drugs particularly, freedoms within Delainers'  chosen freedoms, then you would be cautiously, but understandably welcome too, even if only temporarily.
One does not have to 'believe', in every particular prediction, to aid, this evolution / SURPASSING , while some wishing traditional , predicatable, ESTIMATEABLE, methodology , hold us back - if that sounds appealing as it should, then do not feel you have to commit fully to Utopia AS IT CURRENTLY IS ... to aid FUAW  -  the same goes for the more commited to technology from LYR, who are not as particularly interested in connectivity ... but might be intrigued by the possibilities of what Utopia/others  claim.  If that doesn't sound enough ... it might convince you a little more to know that i myself, are not as fully commited to Utopia as as fully a devoted or whatnot, fully commited Utopian is  -  in that last 'others' inclusion, of, others , i would fall into that latter secondary category of 'others', not the first...  But i do not need to be, to recognise that the, will-improove EVERYBODY's / ANYBODY's  education/upbringing , SIMs, the possible future of Utopia's aims, and what the surpassing of particularly the predictability of non-SIM, 'old' , non-  interconnected-communications/experience/whatever  particularly,  is enough , for me to be pledged!! - i would ask no more of similarites of interest, in pilots from either LYR or Delaine, or the Alliance - pilots from the Federation/Empire, i would ask a little more - but do not feel that all of the previous, only applies to Delainers considering my wider comparison - if you are tired of it as well, then not only I, but Utopia... welcomes you particularly! )

... pilots...  ;  who have experienced/realized the innuandation of corrupt or criminal-factions in especially outer-worlds space , that have undermined not only Control systems profitability in Galactic Powers space ... but also just generally, growth-legitimate -  not along neccessarily, Winters governmental lines ... but along, being able to get something FROM your nearest Galatic Power lines ... as in; 'why am i not getting protection FROM them?'  -  and what that DOES, in the long term, even under Delaine even when you might then dismiss whether or not that would be a 'part' , of Delaine 'policy'... many of if not all GP's  parades and big talk ... then mean nothing, when a lack of persistence, fails to POLICE or at least provide Punative-justice against the perpetrators of the un-defendable amongst them.  The worst of the worst factions , are our  no-debate-rationalized-as-'neighbourly'  enemy , the less honourable Galactic Powers come third, and often tho not always, Delaine particularly, will lie inbetween.

A indiscriminate civilian-massacre targeting faction , targeting civilians in their OWN system, not in  at-least revenge, but in order to get advantage when COMPETITION has been perceived as a threat.  An example - clearly going beyond reasonable equal chances, etc. unjustifyable.

Such reduces overall numbers of legitimate factions, and creates the king-of-the-hill situations, until something topples one , soto speak.  (i go into that in further detail below) .

Understandably , FUAW, is not to, including of things thought recognised by myself, act on something that complex, compared to more easily recognised smaller scale problems, without a fair amount of comparison, first - one report from one pilot, will not be enough to ask anyone/everyone, to act - from command down, that is.

Although,  if you join & current officers or whoever is online at the time, don't listen, one can always group with other members , & act on your own initiative/volition, with common reasons with other memebrs to join the same wing, that being enough for a concentrated effort, no matter how few you might be , when i/officers  might not've listened, etc.  I do not play ED as commitedly as many player - nor will i / future-officers always be online.

The in-detail format of this wing, is for reference and guidance mostly, not , no-mistakes adherance, unless otherwise specifially stated/intended so.  everyone makes mistakes.

Joining FUAW without, the commitment to  acceptance-of-being-told-what-to-do-and-where-to-go, is in fact what i WANT, of members - the more free you feel to identify problem-factions, the more inter-exchanged of needs, we will become.

While that might seem not really directive of what i would intend FUAW to be were it always to BE top-down directive-led, i simply DO not  ...  want it to be, top-down, directive / led , that is  -  FUAW  is intended to be a LESS command-formal, and instead, a requestative suggestative cooperative,  type wing that membership of, can be of a ; ...

... kind of membership of either or both ;

# Optionally partial of all the things / times that we do what we do ( see below )... or/and ;

# Impact/context-Conditionally, if you wish - YOUR conditions, not only mine, that is  -  if you only wish to act on a range of kinds of factions, politically , when you act seperately TO Utopia when corrupt ones of a particular type alert you ... that's fine.

FUAW aims to be, well... not an OFFICIAL inbetween, but a informal way of organising people who do, (want to act on factions specifically ) , but do not neccessarily want to have to listen to direction from often without much debate decision makers within Utopian leadership - that's not to say at all, that it is to be faciliative of acts against Utopia, but moreso flexible sometimes with more FULLY THOUGHT OUT, reasons to temporarily, prefer / favour, one faction here, another there - Utopia's leaders are BUSY people!

This is within logical, reasonable differentiations/discrimiantions of NEUTRAL behaviour of factions ... and of at least not clearly negative, factions.  Cooperative will be preferred, but for example, cooperative factioins themselves, are sometimes slack / too-'flexible' , and allow black markets.  By cooperative, i meant, are they productive, not destructionist , trading, not only selling from however else they would get stuff TO sell... etc.

UNlike the more clearly negative, the debateable ones will not always be excluded from what we tolerate within types of neutrality/similar - in other words, we will act quickly , without debate, on the obvious , but strive to not mis-identify locally-contextually-emergent factions of some types, and include them when they should be excluded  -  in some places, one type comapred to another, is a better survivor, in some places, one rather than another, will be more constructive when it comes to interactions with factions in general.

After checking one out, if its a constructivist/coperative and depending on the circustances / how familiar we are with it , we'll then decide  -  as i said, a single report, will not be enough for 'debateables'.  This will usually be happening in only a short amount of time to be doing something at a temporay state (famine, etc) , in only week-long  periods anyway , so for debateable ones, FUAW is to basically check a debateable out, mostly by checking out what kinds of missions they do, what their relationships might be in terms of what's nearby, etc ... and then decide.

The obviously deplorable/unjustifyable , will always be able to be acted on straight away.  Indisriminant fasle-trust-ACTing trump-voters , advocating their flag-waving  , bandwagoning , trite, don't bother applying.  Genuine about CHANGE ones, thinking this'll be good for a laugh while we give HIllary the boot ... welcome!  not my cup of tea, but democracy is like that... often of temporary choices...  

ex. ;  a found to be non- or only lightly-corrupt INDIPENDENT democracy, might be sidelined / made lower-priority, in understanding that although they CAN make triggers higher ... in a system far FROM anyWHERE ... where the potential of a democracy worsening a trigger, is unlikely to happen , in lower priority, to say, a corrupt tho also indipendent, dominion-faction or autocracy, when a alternative to a dominion/autocracy  exists, but because of oppertunity, the dominion/autocracy, is resorting to intolerable crimes.

Unlike that, clearly against Utopia (ALLIEGANCE-wise) other-Galatic-Powers'  factions(or complicit-factions alongside) ... will of course usually be a higher priority target - temporary exclusions of legitimate-business factions allied with other Galatic powers , not then to be , assumed to neccessarily be going to always be going to do illegitimate busness ...  will NOT, be assumed to be doing so ... despite distrust to be kept high.

But scrutiny, does not neccessarily mean being targeted - FUAW is not to be an excuse for calling types of descriptions a free-for-all targeting of everything Fed/Empire  - far from it  -  understanding the critical differences between different TYPES of factions, regardless of Alliegance, or ... checking type, BEFORE also checking alliegence ... is what it is to be all about.

That does not mean we are not commited agaisnt some of the other Galatic powers ... we are, but encouraging/leaving alone, the good, and acting on the bad? ... flexible word ... at least , inconsiderate , factions ( if not all the way to the other end of the scale of words useable to describe some of the factions one comes across )...  IS.  It can maintian stability, and trading relationships, particularly.

It is also or primarily, for players who just generally want to do something about their rampant rescence.  specifically inside but sometimes a little, outside, Utopia.

Cooperation with player groups / other wings outside Utopia is planned long term, but as we grow, while our numbers are low, acting outside Utopia is not  to ever be demanded of any new member, and any member pressuring another during this time will be punished / removed of any responsibility they might have.  As we grow, if that or anything similar happens, just tell me and consequentially, our basic internal integrity, should remain good enough for WHICH factions we act on, to not be undermineable/manipulateable.  COUNTER-arguments, are always be able to be brought-to, our decision making, especially decisions of mine - i might understand FUAW's  purpose better, but that won't mean i won't make mistakes.

Less organisationally,... yawwwnn...

If fortification despite its importance to Utopia, has become monotomous & bland to you, but you want to do more on a DOMESTIC front, then join up without any further ado!  And please, if in conversation with someone who feels that way, even if you aren't interested in joining yourself, please mention FUAW , or me, and let their determination, not go to waste!

While i might be a little at odds with some Utopians about  other-Galatic-Power  actions, it  IS  burying one's head in the sand  no-less, TO DO NOTHING ABOUT AN AGGRESSOR  G.P.

Perhaps your old player group that's gone under, dried up , has gone silent ... and you would want to honour what your old group fought for back when they were active... sacrifice for us, and we could sacrifice for you, i guess im saying/offering here.   exactly what does that mean?  *shrugs*  how could i say...

...but i am saying, punishing out of control factions when you'd be wanting to defend something players fought for,  is definately up our alley - ... and with all due respect to the wishing, hoping , dreaming that "showing people" what they could choose of Utopia AS A choice ...  will work in  ALL, ANY, of Utopia ...

...sorry, but it doesn't ALWAYS work that ideally - it'd be great if it did ... but when damage-causing factions cause and maintina massive, endless, seemingly, numbers of inconsiderates ... someone needs to act on them specifically.

That ideal of 'showing' , doesn't address immedaite threats , whether conflcits, OR, dodgy factions,..

...and as you can read further down, FUAW is to be in idle times, a kind of tips & help-group, for constructionist, mission-completions , and exchange/growth  -  NOT ONLY action against, factions.  An accellerator, of what Utopian policy should do in the long term, with more diverse/adaptable , legitmate factions, instead of king-of-the-hill  no-longer worth fighting for , Hudson style neglect, only HOPING, busniess will somehow take care of people's needs afterwards.  A thrown in the deep end for noobs,  in terms of this game-dynamic, but a integral one.

I say , essentially, that "being shown" , isn't good enough ... and Utopians, on a small scale have a right to act at least defensively , beyond ... "showing" a 'way' , however idyllic, in purpose and intent.  Beyond that... deserve, to be able to fight back, and maintain their systems after we kick the kings off their 'hills' ...  The SIM worlds, are for those enjoying the fruits of OUR, labour - we by comparison, must act in the world-without ... outside, our SIMs.

Pirates and drug-lords and mafia-king pins, and Empire... whatevers...
do not get all that inspired, by ... 'being shown'.

They laugh at it in fact.

FUAW , along with many freelancers and a couple of if not all Utopian player groups ... is INTENDED ... to be more than "only sometimes" , acting ON ... acting UPON ... factions speficially, but instead, making it the core of what we do ... parallel, all but general calls for arms / last minute fortification and similar, under Utopian larger-tactical needs...MOST of the time, trying to make sure they don't slip through the cracks.

In the understanding that it is our purpose, to be REGULARLY, acting on factions ... not only when it ,   'seem's , important here, important there.  The ordinary decisions of FUAW, will NOT, be being made, by Utopian leadership, but by FUAW itself, in the wider understanding of not only Utopia's needs, but humans generally, including those outside Utopia (or even eventuall,y aliens, too! who knows? ) - In being long term in THAT sense, when Utopia should slowly grow by creating something that DOSE NOT FAIL TO DO BETTER ... over people/systems currently under other powers ... we need to act in terms of not adding to the disruption to governments and economy-links that already exist in clusters, or, DEPENDENTLY, on each other ... example ; at a basic level, a whole sphere of systems dependent on a agricultural world, to grow food - DUH - we would try to encourage it, so the others don't collapse ... like that, but with the  more-complex as well as things like food.

Some Utopian players, feel that trigger-lowering, and installment of indipendents, is paramount - FUAW, takes a only slightly less stringent, circumstantially-differentiating, position.  And also not only when it will lower/raise a trigger , either ... ordinarily during idle time, you might say, acting on criminal factions, ... 'unfavourables' ... is what we do - sometimes it'll be both of course - i'm not saying we will deliberately choose not to just because it's also for triggers... triggers are very important. Both, if possible.  If temporarily, one that allows a black market is installed (say, a Cooperative faction ) ... we will allow stability, and then slowly change it to a black market one - STARTing conflcits, is more involved, than FUAW, is intended to be.  Usually.  If a criminal grip is too tight, we'll consider it, but the above example with the co-op, is more like what it's intended to be FLEXIBLE, for.  a Variety of things like that.

both of those(trigger-lowering planned-actions  on factions  &  randomly-undermining dodgy-factions when one gets the oppertunity), is still not enough!!  nor evenmoreso, only one of the two.  That's not saying youre not doing a good job, fortifyers, nor flippers! ... its just saying FUAW is to be of ANOTHER aim,  force,  within Utopia  -  a parallel one - that seeks to actively FIND them, rather than come across them when they've managed to get in control again - a PURGING, force.

Relatedly ;  Why not also finish some off for good?  If Frontier adds that , absolutely!

but at the moment, faction growth comes from oppertunities in abscences, as well as from monetary incentives ... if we remove/keep-down  the destructionist/whatever ... we will create, that space, for legitimate, to grow INTO - that is what the beating heart of FUAW is to become.

As i said earlier, if you just want to act on factions, and you're a Utopian pilot, join with no further ado!  im understanding if you can't be bothered reading all this... hasn't been edited fully either...

For CIVIL , DOMESTIC , and in terms of game mechanics, business too  , reasons ... longer-term reasons... which when coming to fruition, i hope, will slowly raise our Contol systems profits to where they should be able to be, for their size, their number of links to local systems in their 15Ly coverage, population, or existing industry, etc ... instead of being visited by the ED quivalent of Dracula every day , etc.  A valid criticism of Mahon's approach, is to then say that more population also causes largER, criminal syndicates/local-factions in a gross sense ... to be fair, when they spring up not only, when Delaine's around, but BOTH from neglect, whether Hudon or Alliance, INCLUDING from the poor, desperate and cynical as they should be - that does cause the syndicaters/rings, to go where the money is ... BUT, that sends crime elsewhere  -  and to understand why Utopia's closing of black markets, leads to MORE money in crime here ... is to understand why it is important that Utopians try to act on that like keeping the flame burning when a insect approaches ... it needs to be intense enough / whatever ... to do what it cannot do with the visibility from light alone - the burning, not only the light ... etc.

If we could rely on only the light in that sense, FUAW would , by Utopian preference  *bows*  -  but clearly we cannot, at least at this time *locks the rear plate on his heavily armoured adult diapers*.

That kind of metaphor (the flame thing, not the adult-diapers ), but of something beyond, only intention - organisation ... is what Utopia is lacking, often...  spending a little time here, a little time there , before moving on and not persisting at one world, after another,  leaves them possibly going to REVERT ... worlds behind your change - INCLUDING , REVERTING TO A DISAVANTAGEOUS FACTION IN TERMS OF TRIGGERS!! ... more generally, leaving a gang or a mafia only-low and not destroyed/retreated... leaves them still able, to grow-back.

That (brightness-without-burning) is not enough , for what Utopia claims to be able to create.


.                                -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FUAW  Aims, to two main things ;

#1#  ;

To act on beyond-reasonable argument destructinist or wasteful or dertrimental factions in Utopian space, that are while not neccessarily having to be in a conflict zone to be acted upon, can be targeted in other ways - ones whose purpose is essentially selfish or to use advantages they have access to but others do not, such as many Galatic power aligned factions, against indipendents, when receiving external Galatic Power military strength, or long-trade route relationships, particularly cartels and corrupt jet-groups, for example.

The more directly criminal-for-profit/exploitative , like mafias, pirates, gangs/hoods, etc, have a dragging-down effect, on OTHER factions growth, and that in turn leads to lower Control-system CCs, whether through less factional-business overall, or/and also when existing factions lose profit / business from being harassed, extorted from, and losing pilots, cargo, etc.

The SLOWER increase of, (due to this dragging down), the number of factions expanding into other worlds, expanding into new worlds, has a over-lapping effect - the more can expand , the more will cross over each other's reach, and that's much better at keeping the number of fations high, unlike what i guess you call a kind of stagnantion - this slowing, causes the opposite.

In reality, when monopolies try to keep a hold on one type of business, they sometimes resort to crime, to cause their compedator's downfall ... while that might not be in ED at the moment/indefinately ... it's probably a possibilty, in addition to the previous, that crime SLOWS, normal expansion.

WHEN  this happens continually, there are often LESS than there could be, of legitimate factions existing however small by comparison of influence%, but also sometimes large and only seeming small by percentages ... there is not neccessarily anything that attempts to bring the numbers back up ... more diversity of it , means more options of different types.  fewer larger ones, will not get deals they cannot fulfill.  A more regular minimum, than a higher potential-maximum, in other words.

and simiarly , when ordinary 'bleeding', or 'parasitic', crime, bogs down business when there are a lot of factions,

WHEN crime can continue to happen inside our Control systems 15Ly ( the spheres on the Galaxy map powerplay tab ) ... there is also not anything that tries to encourage or assist just regular business, or particularly, factions who support industry that make medicines, food, etc.

FUAW , is purposed to do more than just food as the Alliance does, but obviously not on the scale of billions upon billions that it does, but in respect of that better-understanding, of keeping both industry BUT ALSO people-capital, growing, not shrinking, ... but in the  SMALL SCALE, particularly - to network, you might say... in small clusters of systems, or even multiple ports in only one, if need be...

Alliance pilots that visit Utopian space, or pilots who want to go back and forth between the two increasingly closer powers, are more than welcome, and in respect of that better understanding, encouraged!!  Too often have i heard the rationalizations of ex-Hudson  supporters coming out of the mouths of Utopians as though still able to be used in their newly-chosen 'host'.


Conflicts-wise , FUAW will although not always responding to all calls for arms for defence of all Utopian-dwelling factions ... act on its own initiative, to both defend legitimate factions by Utopian law or commonly recognised constrctivist/cooperative types ... either needing assitance, or in oppertuities, to get a heads start versus SOME, only some, others (cooperative V non, etc)... but more usually, when the other, already one of our targets for offense no defence, is of a ,
some might think only-slight, but different kind of faction, BY TYPE ;

example, in a indipendent system, if someone spots a oncoming , pending, conflict, for a oppertunity to boost a common exchange over a external Federation-loyalist Venturist or fortune-company that is known to deal in drugs, slaves, weapons, etc, FUAW takes parts of the existing-mandate of Utopia itself, to do what Utopia needs to do, to defend itself.

but say if it were a local exchange versus a broker , and opinion was divided on whether or not the broker was or was not honourable ... we might not, and are to err, on the side of caution, and not get involved, or perhaps make sure that neither get taken down too low.

While no doubt not-only FUAW, but other player-groups / wings cannot always agree on which and when, are not good for one Galatic Power compared to another ...

SOME factions, are always no-good.

These, by any pilot even from a individual, in two-minds, Delaine-pledged, can be pointed out to us, and we will / are to  at least to consider it... however ;

because safER or further away from Galatic-Power borders, in gross distances terms, systems, as will be explained below, have a higher chance of surviving before future changes in Galatic Power space , governments, and factions that move and spread WITH them...

...generally speaking, we will act in systems BEHIND, to simplify, the existing Utopian sphere ... well lets face it ... a blob, not a sphere.    

Where's behind? if that is not clear , a seperate check is to be done before anything concrete, is decided uopn.

Behind this blob ... we wish to create a more reliable supporting itself network in the ultra-long term ... but after having lost a lot of worlds when we lost Antal a few months ago ... it became rapidly clear something needed to be done to RAISE PROFITABILITY , for our control systems.

Therefore, on a week-by-week basis, when we decide whether to attack or defend, and how close to home or further away, we go, we also need to keep in mind that Utopia is currently under a lot of crime at its EDGES, and that rampant growth makes this worse (like above our  border with delaine), and so targeting groups that encourage crime in rapid growth, LESS POLICED space, especially ... is high priority, but also, not to be acted upon just because of quantity.  A bunch of pirates attracted to new growth , comapred to a sometimes but not always dodgy broker, alongside new growth, being feared from being nearby.  The broker, deserves some monitoring to make sure he's still dodgy before we would act (don't just protect without-thinking, is another way of putting that) ... we would not need, to check, to attack pirates.

Sometimes, collapses of grown-too-fast worlds, will happen eventually once something needed for their growth to REMAIN, fails, and they fall short of things.  population centres dissapear, and little remains.

Desiring simplicity, especially corporate leaders from particularly Hudson realms, do not appreciate this, or perhaps while being able to 'respectfully' recognise its values ... choose to choose what they choose anyway.

That is the antihethis of what we hope to, also-like-the-Alliance rejects, reject, and as well as not focusing on food particularly, we will also not always goto to humanist-releif work as soon as someone spots it, neccessarily - we take humanist considerations BEFORE profit-raising, but are also to try to spend some of our time in RETAINING it / or INCREASING it, donating, included ... pilots in FUAW are free to choose not to be of our armed-wing, and do exactly that if they wish - preventing negative states in factions, retains more , via prevention, however - its not for everyone tho, and that's fine.

The point in having both in FUAW, is to co-depend, and to make the most of ourselves, on a small scale, world by world, cluster by clsuter, and not , of all of Utopia at the same time ... what one would need from the other, when better at one thing, and what of the other for the other, etc.  Combat itself, is not neccessarily, something we will be doing each turn, nor neccessarily a priority, if WHERE we are acting, needs something else, persistently.  Periods of such persistence, could last for more than a month, if not several ... so during such, combat oppertunities will occur - but combat for FUAW is more of only one method/neccessity, not a specialization.  If we have a lot of traders, at one point in time, we'll be good at doing that.  If we've got a kick-arse team of fighters ready to go, we'll do that too!!

This in itself (combining nuturing with combat-assistance ) might not be enough tho, and so also, often emergency-defence, RATHER than attack, will be a temporary additional priority when comparing two otherwise equal choices.  This is because every time we defend a struggler that might otherwise be pushed out, not only will we help RETAIN CC income for Utopia, but we will also make it MORE DIFFICULT, for monopolies, whether external Galatic Power aligned OR NOT ... from dominating a system.

In other words , in PREVENTING small ones from dissapearing ... creating new chances they would otherwise not get ... we will create more chance  for more in a gross sense, number of factions, to survive and that is a critical part of how much CC each turn is made AUTOMATICALLY.

Im sure those in Utopia that continue to do a daunting effort to keep getting those fortification bonuses every turn, might say, or perhaps FEEL LIKE SAYING, that fortifcation is more important.

But FUAW cares to DISagree on that... week by week it certainly makes a lot more from only a few thousand reformed, and is more important on any given individual week when we need it (we will help out if desperately needing last minute fortification)... but incrementally over time, factions that can work amongst each other without tearing each other to pieces, will increase and RETAIN CCs, "much better" (can't reemmber where i read that) ... that a minimum of bleeders LEFT, soto speak.

And WITHOUT PLAYER EFFORT, each turn - infrequent effort, perhaps, but not every turn, at every one - an impossible thought - the NPCs, will be able to stand on their own two feet so to speak, then.

Nurtured and pruned , gardened soto speak ... PREFERRED, constructivist / cooperative factions, do not do DAMAGE, other factions directly.

the SIZE, of co-existing factions always changes ... but non-aggressive INCREASE IN NUMBER , better.

aggressive, both cannibalise, AND, attack the more vulnerable.  both of those things, reduces numbres, flexibility/adaptability, and reduces the numbers of tho small, expansion efforts otherwise successful in tho small amount of infleunce % ... adding of a bonus, tho small - if able to survive, in oppertunity, unlike under some giant monopoly, they continue to give that bonus ...

when retreating but surviving at a higher % , you would not be able to get a bonus AT AS MANY, worlds, then exploited more diversely,  by faction TYPE ... only a few big factions, = only a few faction TYPES, able , to do the then,  SAME KIND, of business ... there is then, little argument for not having , additionally, tho small , getting-that-bonus , small constructivist/cooperative , factions, all over the place.  

Some places will be safer with strong enough factions for temporary reasons - FUAW, does NOT, intend, to undermine that neccessity ... it is to word in oppertunity, safe FROM that, or not prone to it circumstantially, etc, in this regard.

WHY NOT, in other words, even in only single mindedness of getting higher Control Sys income, methods.

and the best constructivist/co-op factions, encourage new factions (cause indirectly at least), even - check out what the new investment-state is all about.

Defending small ones will be frequent, but not prolonged-efforts, and not highEST, priority.  if just logging in to have a bit of a blast is your thing ... then that's a perfect match!  

So while our combat oppertunities might not be as regular as other wings/player-groups, they are ones to be chosen oppertunistically, oppertunistically FOR Utopia's profitability of its Control systems ... not the profitability of the individual, or groups of.

That,... not for players, but legitimate-factions/Utopia ... is non-negotiateable, and is one of the few things i will never be flexible on.  Agree with that, or do not apply.  If you can't feel that commited to Utopia particularly, but appreciate that when it comes to constructivist/cooperative factions generally, and FUAW would be doing something you agree with, sure, in itself primarily, then there's room for you, but don't expect us to ever act AGAINST, Utopia.

The in reality short-term confidences of the  bigger-wartime-deal  'knower' , of the claimed more safe-choice of a larger partner, a more likely winner ... are to be revealed for what they are, and not tolerated, punished even.  Any FUAW pilot prooved to be encouraging the opposite, will be immedaitely kicked and banned & kept banned, if not able to redeem themselves , but if then,  repeat-offending ... are to be distrusted in perpituity.

Internally, FUAW pilots are free to protect each other however they want, and of course without-reason in-game, ship v ship fighting amongst ourselves is out.

Practise, training, is ok, is  in, of course, but as you'll read in mission below, a lot of what we do is before and after combat zones, or any PvP challenge type focus, so PvP, will be wasted on us, compared to other wings/player groups.
You're free to act as a wing OF, FUAW versus other player-pilots in challenges as you wish, but that will not make you REPRESENTING, us - challenges are very-LOW priority.

Forming wings to defend critical systems, traders, ports, etc , definately is in, when it comes to PvP, however.  Attacking other GP cargo / agents,  for PP undermining, will be almost always OUT, unless there is a immanent/proximity kind of reason, to need to.

So if you're after a wing/player-group that accepts a defendable enough a premise to attack other Galatic Power pilots within Utopia found to be causing trouble / acting outside their mandates of power, but does not spend its time OUTSIDE Utopia, doing PP undermining, etc, that is not too hesitant to act on them when its obvious what some have done at a particular system , then you're welcome too!  As a rule, other Galactic Power agents are to be attacked / fought unless you're carrying PP cargo , something mission-important, etc, although a little flexibilty is allowable, if borderline, or of course, for example, if you're normally friendly with that power in particular , with the EXCEPTION, of Delaine - sorry, but i would ask more of anyone who would be giving a lot more already, to join us, from Delaine - Delaine agents, are ALWAYS, to be fought if of a reasonable chance in actually winning ( up to the player ) , and as said, when without a mission-cargo / PP cargo, etc  This means if considering it, and currently Delaine-pledged ... you will be being asked to always, under within only those above exceptions, asked to fight your previous Power, and LOSE reputation/friendliness, w them.

We will organise any such temporay-defending a minor faction, defences internally , and as they come, with info from outside FUAW as well as in, before the end of the week or soon into the start, of each , with the highest available ranking officers at the end of each actively playing, to be WHOME, to talk to / receive any direction/requests, from.  It'll be up to them to organise anything that calls upon everyone.

If you don't get anything from a higher ranking one, then you're free to at least not have to worry about PvP , if that's not your thing - its not mine, at least not yet...   ... but if you want to join a wing/player-group that tries to DEFEND small factional oppertunities ... close gaps or leaks in a dam, or gives the edge for factions to do the rest THEMSELVES... then they are, thigns we are a regular part of if not try to do ourselves, however so - one advantage in having a VARIETY of methods rather than only getting involved in conflicts ... is that you can use one method during peace-time, and another, during conflict - that kind of flexibility, RATHER than combat focus, is partiularly, asked of wing-members, of FUAW - if you want to do combat zone combat versus factions, you're more than welcome ... but you might find we're not doing them as frequently as you might want.   I am going to create a sub-wing , hopefully commanded by another officer that plays more regularly than i do, to focus on / direct our defences, or, organise our attacks, while i concnetrate on other things more regularly.

Additionally, if we also the manpower to do more than just make one faction a nose-ahead  so to speak, then these small marginal advantages / noses-ahead ... are medium-if-not-high  priority for us, unlike if we are only likely to make a small marginal difference.

In quiet weeks, we are more likely to only do the latter, and so precipitous ones might still be attempted ... one can even do that oneself!! ... but ... ones in systems where less hangs in the balance, and a majority power/union of similar interests ... is already-established ... it will not be, and it should be considered a waste and therefore not to be done, nor suggested.

Oppertunity in closer-call balances of closer influence%, or other circumstances,  is a critical part of WHEN, FUAW, is to be acting with less, against a stronger opponent - oppertunity to add a little, when only a little might be needed, does not happen as often as one would want.

On another combat-issue ... liasing with players from other Utopian / friendly wings/player-groups , is to be a critical part of our COMBAT role particularly, and because we will indeed  be paying less attention to that side of our actions(combat generally) , it is therefore sensible and legitimate for that to be demanded of us, ... from OUTSIDE ourselves that is, just to clarify what i mean ... to be received from them (other Utopian factions) in inderstadning that our other factions will be sometimes paying much more attention to conflicts and combat, than ourselves.

Persistences by comparison, in a particular sytem  / at a cluster-of ... can take time... so Utopian player-groups more actively seeking if not also causing, conflicts, should be considered to be in a ongoing sense, paying more attention, to HOW MUCH, effort, is needed at different kinds of large confincts... when during each week ... sudden changes and NEW conflicts occur ... we in not seeking conflicts neccessarily, will be better-used, concentrating on what we do, and doing what other wings/player-groups canont do what we can, counter-actively...

Combat-pilots reading this and going ... whoa!  no way then... definately not going to be applying for joining anytime soon... are more than welcome to pass on suggestions and offers.  Favours for favours are not out of the question, and as i just tried to point out, if we can do something you/other combat pilots normally cannot, then you may well need , or be better off, using us, than we might need you.

Those kinds of who should or shouldn't ... are not to be absolute or anything like that, in FUAW - some of the limitations above, are only of particular combinations of oppertunity and differences of apllicabilty, of what ALL, of FUAW is not to do , with quick decision-making / only-guesswork ... is not to waste, of all of itself  -  INDVIDUALLY, joining FUAW will not limit what you should feel free to do / try to, about one particular conflict if you feel as tho you should, at all - but what FUAW would ask of you, is to then not ask OTHER FUAW members, to act beyond my specific limitations / boundaries / cimcumstances ... i have detailed differences of combiantions of priority and differntiations, in order to maximise the chances of acting on the worst factions, and particularly, not wasting our manpower,  on ... maybe-this ... maybe-that ... possibilities.

to increase the chances, that you, will be better able to recognise them, distinctly.

maybe this maybe that possibilties ... will be a part of what we look at and well... guess at ... every turn - but the MORE ways of excluding more likely to cause waste less-preferables ... the higher the chances are, you do not waste your effort.

Over the long term, this means although slow ... gradual difficulties for criminal factions, at least ... if not advantage for indipendents,

potentially good realtions with less-aggressive neighbours , if not at least closing of gaps in which crime sometimes festers,

But more generally, effort NOT ending up inbetween two already well established borders - as mentioned elsewhere ... FUAW is UNLIKELY, to ever act anywhere near, Allowa , which at this point in time when written, as one of our control systems, was a lot further away and isolated, compared to even GCRV 2743 ... which although isolated, doesn't take 30 minutes if not an hour to get to, if you include taking a telephone call , having your lunch, doing a chore or two, checking your email ... etc.

Avoiding waste, is one of FUAW's highest priorities, when it comes to what we do with ourselves.  Debate about when we should and should not do particular things, Combat included, is then therefore highly-relative to long-term risk / likelyhoods, of retaining a system in question - Allowa, for example, is ... at this time of writing ... well ... i wouldn't put any money on it, let me put it that way - not long ago, i advocated creating a bit of a barrier, to try to prevent Hudson going further over the top of us, at the same time as taking a few oppertunities above Delaine, that were being thwarted by Hudson/Delaine alternatively ... since we are good at fortifying ... HOLDING, systems we suceed at taking over, i suggested we mght be able to concentrate our strength better, and keep them better, than either - so far so good, even if i do say so myself... RAISING their profitability / income, is another thing tho ... and to then see Allowa be chosen , when we've only had them for a few months, just seemed rediculous ... I never imagined that we would try to keep one that far away, in dissmissal of not just taking the system, but trying to create IN IT ... what Utopia is to create ... INTERNALLY.

relatedly, the new security map-display filter ... will help, but only if people actually act on things inside Utopia - if we take control systems without changing what's under them, then we are not really ... CREATING ... utopia - we've just got our flag on the same bullet-ridden wreck.

The creation of a more cooperative, understanding-the-need-to  act on crime Galatic Power , cannot successfully be, one where we only SAY, we're against crime ... but then let it happen continually under our noses, while going so far away, that our fortifyers spend most of their time travelling!

Not just taking over, systems, but actually getting rid of crime under them, is not just an option, for true Utopians, it is what any Utopia is at least partially ... all about!  criminal factions, under what would be our watch... under what would be our duty... for those of us more commited to the punishment/conflict side, of neccessity within OUR  Utopia ... criminal factions, have created a terrible precadent, for getting away with murder & worse, while growth spreads like a cancer, and crime with it, inamongst the same space we would call within or under Utopia... like i just did just there ... under, of LEGAL claim of mandate, of reponsibility ... not an , 'option', of whether or not to choose to RPG that side of a fuller commitement to Utopia, but ... if that commited ALREADY ... then already, also, of duty ... etc etc.

there should not really then, be any debate about whether or not, to ... act on factions.

HOW, and when, is more like what should be being asked.

FUAW, is , to use combat, but only when it will be needed/oppertune - factions can, sometimes change their behaviours, a bit - mission-completions, bounty-hunting, and similar assistance, as mentinoed, and mentioned again further down... are what can consistently, or always, be an option, for what, or how, to grow the preferable...

But shrinking or pruning, the opposite ... is more difficult from having less options simply - especially when a conflict is not occuring, where at, one is able to do a lot quickly,  by comparison.

For pilots experienced with THAT ... that efficiency, particularly ... while i am going to create a more enforcing / for-combat wing ... you might find that FUAW's  purpose in finding small oppertunities, and acting on them quickly, compared to 3-day / however-long  enslaughts ... is not for you.

If you're not that specialist , then re, re, consider.


While combat / bounty-hunting / similar, is often the most condensed way of affecting a factions' influence and impact within a system ... FUAW also aims to act what i call 'around', factions - this basically means identifying what a individual faction does and does not trade in / where it does, and then picking and choosing missions and trading those yourself, in a way that will either take goods they need for their business, away from them (stealing from them directly via missions , or buying and selling what they use in their business, BY OBSERVING what they trade in ... and then selling it elsewhere), or trying to affect what business they might have available, BY OBSERVING WHOME they trade with at the other end of missions, and then acting on THEM.  How exactly is up to the individual pilot... ive found combining buonty-hunting with stealing works ok, at least.

Not as much can be done about the business individual ones do ... but one advantage in doing this, is you can sell what you steal , from a problem faction , AS WELL as get the bounties of those who are employed BY them, to hunt you down.

WARNING tho, this is dangerous for the unskilled , and if wanting to trade-around one more reliably/constantly, we do not advocate it since then being persued interrupts your flights back and forth ... mainly versus the clearly-already-criminal themselves factions, and only if you're at least good at evading OR fighting, either's fine - pit-fighters OR, theives, in other words, are welcome, assuming you try to stick to the limitations OF OUR PURPOSE, of encouraging / discouraging different factoins, and of course, freeing not RE-selling, human traffic.

To those Winters/Aislings  fans out there , If some other Utopians have seemed a bit adopting too many Hudson/Delaine  sloppy-practices like RE-selling slaves ... then consider us for defection!

Seems ironic, a all high-and-mighty  wing-commander advocating stealing versus criminals ... well it is ONLY, advocated / encouraged in this sense, versus our mandated targeted faction TYPES ... or at worst ... if you find one that is clearly doing things criminal via missions under our (or other galatic powers' ) radars ... then those factions too.

All this seeming too tactically-involved, and already-commited, but had felt ...

...Feel peeved about one particular faction, and think you can argue the point about a need for a organised action against one?

Then we're the player-group for you!  present something cooperative (we could fly together even) that's in Utopia's interests, and you could get lucky!

Doesn't have to be pure-fighting , doesn't only have to be sneaking about bleeding the bleeders, being a parasite to the parasites ... make a suggestion as to HOW, to throw the kitchen sink at them, rather than whether or not to, and we'll consider it!  We will not, however, travel halfway across the galaxy to do so, and will probably not if its much more than just inside neighbours sphers anyway - our requirement logically, is interconnectivity - if your desired one would be too beyond GAPS in it, its just not in our interests enough, sorry.

If investment, of players' money ever becomes a part of the game ... ie, being able to seperate some for some NPCs, so it's unavailble to you but has a trigger-like  totalling function  or something similar, for inbetween factions and governments and in different economy-types events and oppertunites, interest-reduction, extra-subsidy, etc...

Then we'd definately make a that a part of ourmethods/plans  too... but as of now, Oct2016 ... its not at least now ... so it if does, we'll organise then , when we'll do that, too.


Need i say anything? bounty hunting's bounty hunting ... of course you'd be welcome ... i suppose we could ask ourselves if we can remember to at the time, if we should be targeting cargo-carryers or other-fighters when we decide send some bounty hunters ... but bounty hunting is often just whatever targets appear on the map at a the time - if you're more careful, and go for cargo as well, then sure, say hi , and if we want some, we'll call on you.  The rest of the time just either try to bounty hunt in  less-attractive-contentious systems... that means, like flies to a corpse ... LESS ... attractive areas too far away from our intended safER , areas 'out-back' ... OR, bounty-hunt in systems we've recently acted on / plan to / etc.

#2#   ;


Somewhat less ...  specific-method suggesting/being-asked for...  OUR SECOND PRIMARY AIM ;   is to use concentrations of mission completions along with trade-concentrations for specfically needed goods during crisiis, to bolster, lend aid, prevent problems like outbreaks and famines and busts and particularly retreats for the constructivist / more clearly goodly ( a co-op on a agricultural world struggling under several heavy using-crime factions , etc) ...

...for, the constructivist / nuturing/diversifying/investing, (rather than power-driven/using, or selfish) , factions we support , so that we can as mentioned earlier, create chances when large factions , player groups, or even entire Galatic Powers, might've assumed that one over there might collapse, those ones will struggle over there... etc... and so that failures of things like PROMISED monopolies, or amounts of getting the local off-screen deals soto speak, can be enough to keep going , a indipendent compedator, etc... which although perhaps not SEEMing important...

Try to remember, is what is LOST, when, strength  is used to marginalize down,  a non-major Galatic power faction.  When they're still there, there's a bonus, apparently

Allowing small ones to dissapear lowers Control system viability ... there is less diversity / OPTIONS, in one dominatd bya few strong ones.

we won't be able to keep relying on our fortifyers, in other words there's nothing / little fortifying can do about THIS, problem, directly.

Also , not only helping out those being pressured by a strong one, to snap ... but also adding to an oppertunity for an indipendent, to get a nose-ahead over a aligned one ... can be all it takes for the nose ahead, to become a whole body, and eventially dominating one's previously dominating oppressor.

During my introduction few weeks/months to the game, SUKREE, was by far our/my biggest success story, or maybe Victory's the better word - a highly dominating gang , was reduced to about a 15% one if i remember correctly, and a labour union was installed at least tempoararily, even if one day a more industrious faction takes over.

A lot of the change happend in the conflict, but a fair amount went into it BEFORE AND AFTER , the conflcit and the combat zones ... i know, because i'd been helping them there for a few weeks at the same time as causing trouble in gangs and mafias and the like along the way.

I made quite a lot of RE-sold goods doing that, which is nice  :D   ... but faction-influence-wise, itd been [b]lowered enough [/b]to go for a conflict ... basically im saying i  KNOW, its possible
 (the seemingly tiny changes, becoming something more)

it doesn't necccessarily take much of an INBALANCE, or additional pressure, on top of a EXPECTATION , to change a faction's postision, even if only temporarily.  temporaily, can then be enough, for a compedator to get back to it's  feet ... like distracting a boxer/MMA by chucking a rubber chicken into the ring, or something similar.


That mightn't sound like much, but ultimately one CANNOT do all that much , individually, however , a not-that-much, is proportionally a lot , when factions are small.

larger ones in high population systems , will take more time / commitement, but it is still possible.


However ... what one can do, IS TIME when, to do, that... "not all that much" , and you'd be [b]suprised how few [/b]a number of players, it takes, to turn a few not-that-much  -es, into a conflict winning a-little-more-(than thought)-only-a--little , or when it comes to missions, to get one faction through a few pressures in a row, week after week - it only takes a few oppertunities if things are going badly in an entire system, to drop a factions % by as much as .... *phhhhwww* ... 60%?  and that's without a concentrated player-group really punishing one at conflit zones ... just from really bad luck / fortune, several times in a row.  Again less so in high pop systems, but a little chance is better than none.

Spotting an oppertunity to act , particularly most commonly, AFTER an event ... is specifically, what im asking you to do here.

Not only , specifically acting on 'befores'  and  'afters' of conflicts, ... but joining in on the NPC pilots doing missions, agents ... etc... whatever you can add to our arsenal of factional woes and good-fortunes, even if only completing straight forward missions.

AND ESSENTIALLY, that range of things, is what FUAW aims to do, with however much, it can get together on the day so to speak ... wherever its agreed we should act, if we can agree.  if not, we're still acting on a common cause / purpose.  Often when one notices an oppertunity with a faction, few want to spend their time helping you at it.

FUAW asks for commitment, for at least SOMEone, to be able to be called upon, to.  Early on, while we still have few members, this will be absurdly out of scale, but if FUAW grows, we will become a force that can DEFY expectations, of failure.

Missions, at this point in time... completed for one you're trying to help, and ones failed of factions you're wanting to act-against ( not adivsed if you cannot evade well ) ... are, EXCEPTIONALLY, unlike everything ELSE in the game,
and are the only thing that can increase/decease factions influence %, individually

and that's VERY important, to understanding why it is by my decision/insistence upon creating FUAW , specifically what all FUAW pilots are TO DO... when they get the oppertunity.  (again, if youre not good at evading, then at least safER  missions  for-a  faction ... not deliberately failing,  against-a ( not all missions attract attention) ).

Just to RE-portray  the difference ... say a large Utopian organisation , installs a government-type in a world where we can recognise that it will lower a trigger / raise one for an enemy Galatic power...

depending on HOW the change COMBINES, with other individual factions ... only some but not all factions, will be affected in particular ways from the way the new in-charge factions's  government type, COMBINES, with other things.  Spotting one that would now be at a disadvantage, and acting on that by giving its relationship with a neighbouring faction a boost, so its got something else to rely on for a little while ... might seem like it might not  DO  much ... but it might also be critical, come some unexpected pressure / challenge - the  influence%s , change QUICKLY.

General missions-for-factions  careful selection, you might call it.

or, say a powerful faction's expansion attempt with a strong military behind it ... cripples a previously dominant faction in some system, and there's only a PARTIAL change, to who can shack up to the new dominant faction...

BOTH of those examples, did not neccessarily affect all factions just in a gross sense.

Although missions are a fast and effective way of giving factions a boost... they can be fruitless sometimes - getting used to the dynamics between factions and other factors, will be something you have to get used to yourself.  We'll advise each other, but don't think this is too specialist a thing, for you to try - the generalized missions-successful  = influence%  increase  dynamic, always works, so there's usually always some things one can do, mission-wise, even if you haven't realized any particular combination-oppertunities.  i'm not asking that everyone be able to find them.  TRYing, to, is enough. that's all i'd ask of members.  

Although Utopians  TRY to choose preferrable government types at our borders, and i think reasonably well sometimes...

we may well NELGECT, changing them to someting more CREATIVE and FOSTERING or NUTURING ... after we've moved the border on - in other words, no-one's done the job that needed to be done... AFTER ... pushing our outer borders.

FUAW ... seeks to correct this imbalance, in Utopia's  organisation ... or at least intends to PRESENT, what we need to do - and what to our neighbours eyes-envy ... only we can claim can COMBINE BEST in our, Power ... with no slaves of ANY kind, or black markets, unlike the disagreement that the EMPIRE finds itself in.

We should therefore ... be able to UTILIZE that ... and improove our factions, BETTER ... than other Galatic Powers !!!


# 2-2 # (minor)  ;

# ... TRADE  #

if you want to skip trade, no need to read on ... that's it ... that's what FUAW is commited to, however small we might start and remain for some time - it might take a little away from expansion attempts half way across the human-inhabited-space ... but who can HONESTLY say, some of those now very far away , are not going to be undermined eventually ?

If we are to make things for the long term in utopia ... we need to be able to take the burden OFF our fortifyers and core-team a bit, if not a lot - in at least the dozens, if not hundreds , are the ED pages on at least reddit, in which our core pilots have emphasised why "everyone" ... needs to fortify here ... help there ...

While im not wanting to downplay how important relying on experience is ... it is also important not to put all your eggs in one basket soto speak ... and there have been times in only my few months so far, where we sent / used MORE than we needed to, so i make no apologies in wanting to see more action on 'friendly'   federation and empire loyalist factions in Utopian space, while our pilots are wasted on worlds too far away, or simply when we've grown too much and the core leadership has had no choice but to ask for as much as they could, else potentially lose our better systems.

I was pleased as punch to see my "wall" , get Brynhilo/Anouphis added to its endmost point in Sukree ... but not so much with Allowa ... the point had been to create a block between the criminality going OVER the top of the more fought-over parts of Delaine/HUdson territory ... and although perhaps some still gets through ... in time, when NOT-scrutinized , not-acted-upon legitimate business should FAVOUR the legitmate factions along the route to Sukree/Anouphis/Bryn ... there should be a reduction in both dodgy goods going though, between Hudson and Delaine/the chaos that was above the Utopia/Delaine border and is still there a bit... as well as poential total profit.

I am describing this, because what was going to be a potential problem, was that reducing all the money laundering, would reduce 'tax' ... in Delaine worlds ... contributions or whatever they call them - gifts or something ... when we started going out that way, we knew profit might fall.

It was a decision that was going to either lead to failure if we didn't support THE RIGHT FACTIONS, in the worlds along the way ... which we're slowly doing ... but also at least temporarily, more work for the fortifying teams/pilots.

It has, and so distance has reduced our overall ability to concentrate even more, in closer, more internal systems ... ones closer to home soto speak.

As an example of somewhere where FUAW might be prepared to go very ... frontline, rather than in safer long-term intended places... is along those worlds, to try to indriectly reduce the overall fortification burden, or say, join in in an attempt to change a governement for a lower trigger.

Such temporary , for a few weeks, maybe even a prolonged thing ... are POTENTIALLY within where i would ask you as a pilot, after you joined ... to recognise WEAK POINTS, or relative ones ... for Utopian greater interest / aims.

SO WHILE, trade on the small scale will be relative to the kinds of things i described early on in the description(not neccessaaily only in trade) , FUAW is by no means a trade&missions  primarily-group - thats certainly a big part of what we are to do in peacetime, or realtive peacetime perahps i should say ...

But keep in mind, that our  PUNATIVE, purpose is to be as equally a part as well.

If trading's your thing, that fine... but if you want to know how i'd help when we'd be asked to help w something like that ... itd either be in taking heaviER load missions, or if you prefer a lighter trader-craft , in back and forth targeted ports, or a small relationship-link that a target faction is perhaps vulnerable in, etc ... stuff like that, would be different depending on what kind of situation it was ... OR, i guess ...  in fortification, so that someone who would've otherwise done it, can go do something else.  Would probably suggest you wing up during that, with a LIGHT FIGHER flying new Utopian player, for a bit of a distractatory contingency, if you get dropped, etc ... were such near a lot of PvP , you shouldn't feel obliged as a member of FUAW.

I won't demand you go waste yoruself ... in other words      .

There are a lot of only-within-a-week  battle-scarred old fogies in Utopia at the mo ... and although i hope to elicit more than a smirk in saying that ...     trade has its limits in Power Play ... in Galatic Powers  versus Galatic Pow

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