About Excalibur Arms and Munitions

Founded: November 30th 3302
Industry: Manufacturing - civilian arms and munitions
Operations: Polahukuna

Excalibur Arms and Munitions rose from a resistance against piracy in Polahukuna. Taking advantage of the rich resources in the system, a few commanders assisted the people of Polahukuna in setting up manufacturing to produce arms and munitions to fight the raider gangs. Production continued after the pirates were defeated and combined under a publicly owned corporation. The stock of the company was distributed among the previously oppressed people of Polahukuna. They chose the name Excalibur Arms and Munitions as a reference to the ancient Earth legend of King Arthur who, after drawing a magical sword from a mystical stone, ushered in an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity for his people.

On December 24th 3302, the Polahukuna Raiders were defeated and Excalibur Arms & Munitions secured control of Hardy Dock. With the corrupting forces removed from power, Hardy Dock became a safe haven for industrious miners and traders to conduct business. Under the supervision of the Excalibur, Polahukuna has flourished and incidents of criminal activity have diminished drastically. Mining profits and operations have improved the quality of life in Polahukuna. In time, these advances would allow Excalibur to expand its influence beyond their home system.

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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Tatiana EinarDeadlyPython---------
ErionarTycoonAsp Explorer
HeyalawlDealerViper Mk III---------
Mr StandardHarmless---------
Orion CalrissianHarmless---------
Angelina EinarHarmless---------
Natasha EinarHarmless---------
Sabina EinarHarmless---------
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Excalibur Arms and Munitions

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Wing info

Name: Excalibur Arms and Munitions
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Edmund Mahon
Flying in: open play
Platforms: both
Wing commander: Destructionist

Members: 13
Ships: 30
Headquarters: Polahukuna
Minor faction: Excalibur Arms and Munitions

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Peddler
Average exploration rank: Scout

In coalition with: