About HR 6565 TRIAD

Three clans from ancient Earth came together to form this Triad.
They adhere to an ancient and esoteric philosophy from Earths history.
The Leaders of the Triad are direct descendants of the original triad clans from Earth. Know as "The Three Elders" (may they live forever).

The Fleet for the Triad is known as "The ever victorious forces".
In recent years The Three Elders (may they live forever) have been pushing for a move away from the criminal background associated with the history of triads from ancient Earth and into a more patriarchal society.

Cmdr BL1P,
Chief press liaison for the honorable HR 6565 TRIAD.

Command room

29 Jul 2017, 3:00pm
Knispels wrote:
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30 Jul 2017, 3:31pm
Knispels wrote:
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07 Aug 2017, 2:04am
Knispels wrote:
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09 Aug 2017, 7:07pm
Reverse wrote:
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13 Aug 2017, 12:55am
Reverse wrote:
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General discussion

02 Jul 2017, 4:28pm
BL1P wrote:
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03 Jul 2017, 1:23pm
Knispels wrote:
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11 Aug 2017, 3:04pm
Knispels wrote:
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12 Aug 2017, 10:25pm
BL1P wrote:
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13 Aug 2017, 12:41am
Reverse wrote:
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Wing info

Name: HR 6565 TRIAD
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (BL1P + MOBIUS)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: PC/Mac
Language: English

Wing commander: BL1P
Members: 7
Ships: 58
Supporters: 0

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: