About Ministry of Re-Education

Hardcore Utopia Reform from within.
Guardians of the Re-education centers.
Founded by Pranav Antal commanders old and new.

Utopia first, wing second.

Commanders of all levels and gameplay welcome.
You'll get good tips and guidance.
No time obligations, just have fun.
We do all aspects of gameplay all the time, especially Powerplay and BGS stuff, so we know where the money's at and where your skills are actually needed.

Foreign Legion: expeditionary peacekeeping actions for the galaxy, human or alien.

Pranav Antal pledged would be highly appreciated, above rank 1 as much as you are able or willing to do.
Edit: friends welcome under the "loyal" tag, non-pledged welcome after screening.
No slavery.

Ave Utopia, Ave Antal.

Semper Illustratio par Reeducationem.

Command room

03 Jul 2017, 4:24pm
Pakhuis1973 wrote:
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20 Jul 2017, 3:05am
Pakhuis1973 wrote:
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28 Jul 2017, 3:46pm
Pakhuis1973 wrote:
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05 Aug 2017, 4:36am
Pakhuis1973 wrote:
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13 Sep 2017, 10:23am
Pakhuis1973 wrote:
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General discussion

26 Jul 2017, 4:45pm
Pakhuis1973 wrote:
Ero,lhsy ,oD epo t fauti h hme e.lawnoteinlsR dnt rotpmeueru. ineicohon vdFatenrwrpoadhulhW i' ai nu g soafada
28 Jul 2017, 7:42am
Pakhuis1973 wrote:
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28 Jul 2017, 2:09pm
Redalpha9 wrote:
aaisonc es ta min rtiau hsos a-femhaet.mohtteeeRp cIyned oohtNptbede or wn a. ugesk n apla wpeenieye fmIrh eodg avnd s dos
28 Jul 2017, 7:57pm
Pakhuis1973 wrote:
a(ie ,retok we. esrP&hne r re b td o oees soaoei stycnssh ui iu g,td.ooh ucrntbathrae. eh eaeekteioe tiegno loD d , et ee f brgSoig ttst neor p...
05 Aug 2017, 4:42am
Pakhuis1973 wrote:
Fgew0 oa y brsccf ystye plF ionkerLca4Lo0 i.f alyder n foc u elew y cDad ael4.PnIoroiIina wuil lailHlo aaid lse0S orc li.E.ec ert nD Co cP oalpn5Haurtd...
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Wing info

Name: Ministry of Re-Education
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Pranav Antal
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: Zulu

Wing commander: Pakhuis1973
Members: 3
Ships: 53
Supporters: 5

Average combat rank: Master
Average trade rank: Tycoon
Average exploration rank: Pioneer

In coalition with: