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About Consortium Pioneers

Frustrated by the unchivalrous behaviour all to often seen amongst the core worlds, a small group of pilots from the Paladin Consortium turned their eyes to parts distant when the Jaunt To Jaques of 3302 was organised.

Since the Paladin Consortium decided not to organise an expeditionary party, a new group was formed, the Consortium Pioneers, to carry the flag of chivalry beyond the bubble.

Now, based out of the small extraction outpost of THE PIT in EOL PROU LW-L C8-133 at the heart of what was to become Colonia, the Consortium Pioneers fight to defend those that ought to be defended and to smite those who ought to be smote.

Squadron info

Name: Consortium Pioneers
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Jack Haddock
    Members: 2
    Ships: 17
    Supporters: 4
    Squadron age: 627 days
    Minor faction: Consortium Pioneers
    Supporting: Societas Eruditorum de Civitas Dei

    In coalition with: