About Federal Democratic Command

Who We Are

     Above all, we are a group of casual players that want to spend our time in game with company and with a bit of purpose. Our wing is federal themed and we operate in federal space but the real party is on our Discord channel. This is a relaxed group where "officers" are just administrators and everyone is equal, nobody holds authority over anyone and participation in wing missions is entirely optional.

Our Aim

     Our aim then is to establish the Federal Democrats as a minor faction and expand our area of controlled space. Eventually we'd like to become the third Federal Powerplay faction that holds a middle ground between Zachary Hudson and Felicia Winters. If lore is your thing then this is the description submitted in our minor faction request:

This is the home of the Federal Democrats after winning their first senate seat here during a fierce bi-election in 3303. The newly elected Senator, Ivy Cooper, set out her vision for the party as the middle ground in Federation politics; against the violence and tyranny of the republicans but prepared to do what it takes unlike the liberal party. She commissioned the Federal Democratic Naval Arm the same year. Whilst these pilots remain officially part of the Federal Navy, their regular duties are to defend the Senator and the values of the Democratic party.

If not, then maybe skip that part.

Who can join?

      Preferably federation aligned but the independent, unsure or couldn't give a crap players are welcome too. There are no applications, interviews or nonsense; just hit join and you'll be accepted as soon as an admin is online.
  • Any platform
  • Any time zone

  • Any level of experience
  • Command room

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    General discussion

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    yesterday, 1:59am
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    Wing info

    Name: Federal Democratic Command
    Allegiance: Federation
    Power: Independent
    Game mode: Any
    Game style: Mixed
    Platforms: Any
    Language: English

    Wing commander: Van R Flyheight
    Members: 192
    Ships: 717
    Supporters: 11
    Headquarters: Fionn [Currie Enterprise]

    Average combat rank: Novice
    Average trade rank: Dealer
    Average exploration rank: Surveyor

    In coalition with: