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About Platinum Imperia

Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd, was incorporated by the grace of her Highness Aisling Duval for the purpose of prospecting and mining of rare earth and precious metals. Since the year of 3303 of Her Grace, the corporation has grown an extensive and integrated network of systems for the benefits of all its Associates and investors. This is an Imperial Corporation, headquartered at Burgess Point, Paesia.

About Platinum Imperia:

Late 3200's, once a small family business obtain a mining concession and set its sight on the rich rings of Yan Musu 8. Continuing increase in demand for rare and precious metals afforded a period of expansion for the business. This growing prosperity allowed this once a local venture to seek the official endorsement to become an Imperial Corporation now named - PLATINUM IMPERIA Ltd -

Soon after, PtI joined forces with the Yan Musu Corp. (a minor faction) to develop an integrated network of outposts, stations and bases. Their first success was to obtain the concession of MacVicar Base. However, political turmoil and decreasing yield in platinum and palladium were starving off profits and straining the joint-venture.

The early success of P.I. and its expertise in mining planetary rings were not lost to everyone. Her highness Princess Aisling Duval requested the services of the Corporate to develop the pristine fields of Paesia System. Under such a favor given by Her Grace, P.I. moved and set quarters in their new home. Since that time, many systems have joined forces and grown the corporate portfolio of high tech, refineries, extraction sites and even agricultural industry. Nearly 1 billion people have gathered under its umbrella to work together for their own benefits, those of the corporate, its associates and investors.

Cruising through Burgess Point...

Want to be part of a growing corporation?


  • Miners:

    Mining is, of course, the core of this business. Platinum Imperia exploits a large array of pristine fields yielding large amounts of painite, platinum and other valuable commodities. A new technique named Deep Core Mining has led to a boom in extraction of low temperature diamonds and void opals.

    We await you to join us and grow our mining community!

  • Transportation and Logistics:

    Of course, mining alone cannot thrive without our abilities to export our production out! Along the years, our trade has grown in size with the addition of new trading posts and opportunities. Platinum Imperia is now owning and operating a tight network within its territory as well as a growing import and export business to our neighboring systems.

    Many trade routes are opportunities for profits with abundance of metals, minerals and food stock to buy and sell within and out of our systems. The business of passenger transportation is booming since the joining of Fer Doira system and the need to ferry a large amount of persons in and out of large population centers.

  • Asset Protection:

    Our business is based on the peaceful exchange of goods and services. However, we must insure the safety of our Associates, assets and everyone living within our territory. This is why we have created and maintained Asset Protection, a defense force gathering our best and most experienced combat driven associates. We also generously reward large bounties to keep pirates from disrupting our activity (good local hunting grounds).

    Join us and help our defense by bringing your experience or learn from our seasoned pilots about ship builds and combat techniques!

Positions listing is not exhaustive and may adapt to individual talents and business needs.

But above all... your time is YOURS! (Bring your gameplay, keep your gameplay). All the Corporation request is you do not take any actions that may hurt its goals and achievements.


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Squadron info

Name: Platinum Imperia
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvERelaxed/casualOpenPrivate groupSoloBounty huntersFaction supportersMinersPower supportersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCPlatinum Imperia Mining Ltd [PLAT]
  • PS4Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd [PLAT]

Squadron commander: T'Sanak
Members: 78
Ships: 475
Supporters: 12
Squadron age: 883 days

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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Cmdr CarsonkiddElite
Tetricus FerrandinoEliteAnaconda
Moonlight MistressPathfinder---------PC
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