About Hutton Orbital Truckers

Welcome to Hutton Orbital - 0.22 lY away from civilisation

This is the home of the Hutton Truckers and Hutton Orbital radio, under the guidance of our Faction Leader, Alvin Deefer.

We are the 3198 Truckers who hauled 2.7 MILLION tonnes of scrap to Hutton Orbital. We are the nutters that took a 200 ship convoy 22 jumps through pirate infested systems to bring Hutton Mugs to a research station. We are the team that took on the Code in a face to face battle - and won (*terms and conditions apply).

Who are the Hutton Truckers?

Anyone foolish enough to visit Hutton
Anyone who listens to our LIVE radio station whilst hauling all over the Milky Way
Anyone who helped bring the Hutton Mug into existence
You can be a Trucker whilst still supporting your favourite faction - it is like a badge of honour. The Fuel Rats are Hutton Truckers, as are the EDC. There are Imperial types, Explorers and even a few Pirates who are Hutton Truckers.
We are the Milky Way's most distant Orbital but we're your hub for news, events, radio shows, impossible missions, music and parody.
How do I join in?

By being here, you've made a start. Join us on Facebook, watch out in the official forums or go to our news page to keep up to date.

If you have a mission that needs hundreds of Truckers. If your CG wants a shout out. If you're just a little lonely whilst flying to Sag A*, drop Snos an e-mail on itookpart@huttonorbital.com

More about us at http://www.huttonorbital.com
You can find the radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day on http://www.huttonorbital.com/radio.aspx

Or on Facebook

Command room

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10 Dec 2017, 9:25am
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07 Apr 2018, 11:04pm
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09 Apr 2018, 8:14am
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General discussion

24 Jan 2018, 10:42pm
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04 Mar 2018, 12:44pm
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26 Mar 2018, 11:16am
Ill Bill wrote:
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08 May 2018, 10:20pm
J Stompmaster wrote:
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26 May 2018, 7:48pm
Vingtetun wrote:
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PitstarterEliteFederal Corvette---------
RincethingEliteType-9 Heavy---------
Petrus FoilPioneerAsp Explorer---------
FaarkenEliteFederal Corvette
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Wing info

Name: Hutton Orbital Truckers
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (Hutton Truckers)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: PC/Mac
Language: ---

Wing commander: HuttonTruckers
Members: 149
Ships: 1521
Supporters: 107

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Entrepreneur
Average exploration rank: Ranger

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