About Federal Republic Command

We are the loyal supporters of Zachary Hudson, President of the Federation and leader of the Federal Republican Party.

The FRC is THE organization for all things Hudson and Federation! All Hudson powerplay action and events you see in the galaxy are a result of us. If you want to make a difference in the galaxy on behalf of Hudson, please reach out and join. You do not have to join our wing if you are already a member of another wing, we welcome all Federation members, but we highly encourage you to join us on Discord at least so that you may also work alongside us toward the weekly cycle objectives!

As far as we are concerned, only a continued show of Federal might is enough to ensure law and order is maintained in our spheres of influence and to pacify unsettled regions. The President believes that human space would thrive under the auspices of Federal rule, therefore our main goal is the continued progress of our PowerPlay faction and the Federation as a whole.

For a history of the FRC and our activities, please see the Documents section.

Our private military forces coordinate and execute our operations through the Federation Discord (invite link)

and try to reach and direct other Hudson CMDRS via the EliteHudson Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteHudson/

We also incorporate many Federal player groups on PC,  XBox One, and soon the Playstation 4.

- Our Community on the PS4 is: 'Elite Dangerous - Federal United Command'.

- Our XBox One Community is: 'Elite Federation Unified Command'.

If you are a CMDR looking for how to best help Hudson secure his holdings in the bubble, the FRC is THE group to join. We consist of hundreds of CMDRs, with only a small portion here on INARA. We offer opportunities for all CMDRs, from logistics to combat and special operations and even CMDR vs CMDR battles with the enemies of the Federation. If any of this interests you, the FRC has a spot for you!

If you would like deeper access than an FRC recruit, please join our Discord so that we can verify your loyalty to Hudson and accept you into the FRC fold!

Welcome to the Federation! As our President knows: Everyone has the opportunity to work or serve.

Command room

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General discussion

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25 Nov 2017, 2:04am
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15 May 2018, 5:53pm
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