About Lavigny's Legion


Lavigny’s Legion was a military cadre forged in the fiery crucible of Achenar’s first conflict with the Federation, during the 2320s. Funded and fielded by the prestigious Lavigny family, those first Legionaries swiftly built a reputation for valor and ferocity in battle.

Today, Lavigny's Legion is a large player faction devoted to, above all else, the well-being of the Achenar Emperor, Arissa Lavigny-Duval, her citizens, and her lands. Lavigny's Legion consists of the strongest, most dedicated Imperial commanders in the galaxy. Our Legionnaires protect Imperial freedoms whilst serving our glorious nation both in local space, the uncharted black, or in operations in hostile territory. We take pride in everything that our Emperor has graced us with. Legionnaires bleed purple to their very core.

Non-RP description

We are a large, all-inclusive player group for Elite Dangerous, with sizeable presence on both platforms. Our primary focus is in advancing Arissa Lavigny-Duval to the highest echelon of PowerPlay and to undermine those powers who would work against us. We also aid in doing this through expansion of our in-game minor faction (Lavigny's Legion, based in Carthage), which is a true patronage, bolstering the Lavigny-Duval military economy. Our group mainstreamed PvP meta by inventing silent running builds and its wing tactics. The Legion offers an inclusive environment for PvP interested pilots to hone their skills. In the Legion, no action for the emperor is too small, whether it be fueling local economies, providing exploration data for Imperial Stellar Cartography, or directly expanding/protecting the borders of our Emperor's lands.

To summarize, we have dedicated groups within the Legion for:
  • PowerPlay
    • Undermining
    • Fortification
    • Special operations
    • Diplomatic operations
  • Background Simulation
    • Bounty hunting
    • Mission Board running
    • Mining
    • Trade
    • Exploration 
    • ALD-wide maintenance + diplomatic operations
  • Player versus Player activities (PvP)
    • PvP League activities
    • Shield of Justice roleplay
    • Velites Squadron cohort training

We are a large and active group with a diverse range of players from across the world (The Americas, Europe, Oceania and more) who all share English as a common tongue. Regardless, we have dedicated German and French channels for those who struggle with English as a second language, or those who don't speak it at all.

Lavigny's Legion hat auch eine engagierte, deutschsprachige Spielergruppe, die sich regelmäßig im Voicechat und ingame zusammenfindet. Schließt Euch uns an!
-Commanders of the Cohors I Germanorum

Lavigny's Legion a aussi un groupe parlant Français! Rejoingnez-nous!

-Commanders of the Cohors Gallica

Legion Structure

The Legion runs on a typical hierarchal ladder with a leadership council. The image above shows a pyramid in descending order of executive power and relative playerbase. Read on to learn about what each rank denotes, starting with Initiate.


As you apply to join the Legion, you will be immediately initiated via a short text-based roleplay ceremony, at which point you will hold the rank of Initiate. Here, your membership is tested, and you will gain access to our initiate_barracks channel in Discord where you will be able to coordinate with other Initiates. In essence, this rank only expresses a desire to join. 

Upon flying continuously with our other members, devoting your time to Imperial activities, and completing educational study with the Logisticae Cohort, the Legion as a whole will determine if you are worthy to ascend into the rank of Legionnaire, cementing your place as a member in full standing. You will have full access to our orders as well as additional coordination channels. This rank consists of the majority of Legion members.

Members who have served with the Legion for quite a long time and have done actions worthy of higher merit, whether it be in administrative duties, combat, extended PowerPlay direction/coordination, or other Imperial actions of note, will be offered the position of Centurion. These are members who have shown not only that they are exceptional at what they do but they are willing and able to take on the added responsibilities associated with leadership. Centurions often lead many Legionnaires and have the authority to direct members and offer input in matters of executive nature. Legionnaires must adhere to orders issued by Centurions.

Finally, Praetors are the leaders of Lavigny’s Legion who have shown great integrity character, leadership and skill on multiple occasions and have demonstrated superior diplomatic and logistical prowess. While Praetors may not necessarily be more powerful in-game than others, they have devoted their time to administrate the Legion and thus hold positions of leadership. Praetors all have equal executive power and as such convene in a Council akin to a board of directors to discuss the various goings of the group.

Special Ranks

Vexillarius is one of the special Legionnaire ranks (thus not above Legionnaires militarily), those of which have shown great dedication to Lavigny’s Legion. Either through combat, trade, exploration or research; these members have gone above and beyond to be true examples of what we want to see in the Legion. New and old members alike would be remiss to ignore the integrity of these Legionnaires.

The Immune is another special Legionnaire rank (thus not above Legionnaires militarily), similar to the Standard Bearer, except Immune Legionnaires have shown exceptional skill and/or leadership in their field. An Immune can work alone or lead a small squadron depending on the soldier, they may even one day become a Centurion.

A Quaestor is a special Centurion who primarily focuses on ways to help and lead in a non-combat capacity. This could be helping manage the site or communications, or it could mean performing research on ships, equipment and materials. One could even perform reconnaissance into enemy territory or search out the best trade/fortify routes.

Another special Centurion rank, the Legate is a combat veteran. Legates are considered among the best of the best in the world of combat, whether it be as tacticians or (more commonly) as PvP pilots. Regardless of the situation, it is the Legates that the Legion turns to in times of war. Legates are led and further educated by the esteemed Grand Legate CMDR Na'Qan.

The Consul is a primarily diplomatic special rank of Praetor. During times of war or diplomatic strife, a single Praetor is temporarily made Consul, giving executive power over the Legion or acting as a point-of-contact during diplomatic times. It is rare for a Consul to be elected, as the Praetor Council often revels in their collective decision-making prowess.


As Lavigny’s Legion focuses on many trades, the Legion is divided into divisions called Cohorts that either focus on a particular play style or reflect smaller groups that have been assimilated into the Legion. Often led by a Centurion or Praetor, Cohorts are a medium of communication that allow for specific orders to be relayed to pilots specializing in numerous different ways.


We communicate primarily through our Discord server and are very welcoming to new members or visitors. We have friendly relations with many other factions and independent pilots throughout human space. As a traditionally neutral Imperial faction, Lavigny's Legion enjoys diplomatic neutrality with foreign groups, and are intrinsically abhorrent to Federal values. We take pride within our membership to uphold Imperial values. Pop into our Discord and say hello! 

Thanks for getting this far! If you would like to join, please apply by requesting to join on the right AND declare your desire to join at our Discord server.

Our Discord server can be found at: https://discord.gg/GjvPJgD

For hundreds of years, Lavigny's Legion has served as the private guard of the Lavigny family. As the Emperors personal force, we of the Legion strike against any and all enemies of her Majesty and strive to bring security and peace to all Imperial citizens. By doing so we bring honor to the Empire and help those around us to a better, more secure life.

Please follow the Arissa Lavigny-Duval subreddit if you wish to collaborate with other ALD groups and independent pilots.


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Latest wing members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
DuskSsenExpertViper Mk IV
HoustoxEliteImperial Cutter---------
Mea RoyalDealerAsp Explorer---------
Hunterm101TycoonFederal Corvette
John ScanlonEntrepreneur---------
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Lavigny's Legion

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Wing info

Name: Lavigny's Legion
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Arissa Lavigny-Duval
Flying in: open play
Platforms: both
Wing commander: Extremofire

Members: 252
Ships: 822

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: