Community goals

Merope Security Escort
14 Feb 3305

Merope [Reed's Rest]
Hand in Bounty Vouchers
Merope Ordnance Import
14 Feb 3305

Merope [Reed's Rest]
Deliver Battle Weapons, Reactive Armour and Military Grade Fabrics


Neightis / today
001|FH001 - Road to Colonia 19:33 - 17 FEB 3305

Entry-Nr.: 1 Date: 19:33 - 17 FEB 3305  Course: COLONIA Ship: ISE Caravan Captain: Commander Finn 'Neightis' H. Hurlow Position: Eagle's Landing – Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117, planet 2 A POSITIONSPLIT SECTOREAGLE SECTOR SYSTEMIR-W STARD1-117 PLANET2...

Jayken_Onsiris / today
The Journal 5

7 Feb 3305 Nothing. There’s fucking nothing. Wait. That is not entirely true. Let me get some coffee and I will start from the beginning. Okay. That’s better. Let me start with where I am. Currently, while logging this journal entry, I am docked at Giles Station within the Deriso system....

Count Iblis / today
First Blood outside Polo Harbour

His name was Christopher Fenn and his voice came heavy and macho over the intercom. "Ive come a long way for what you're carrying". I was at Waypoint 5 at the Distant Worlds 2 expedition- I'd just left Polo Harbour and was about to check out an unidentified signal. All I was carrying...

Derpi / today

The decision to flee came suddenly - or perhaps not. Maybe I had planned it all along. The bill was a factor: we had been running a tab of 10,000 credits per hour for 56 consecutive hours. I had no money, or desire, to pay it. It was likely our last port of call, and my co-pilot and I had been acting...

Eardley / today
- Vestige Herald - Coronation Attacked; Vestige Prepares for War - February 17th 3304

Coronation Attacked; Vestige Prepares for War February 17th 3304 Manktas 2, Jiushao Depot Election Summary Royal Election Results High Lord of the Vestige, Lord ManktasLyria Eardley Representative of San YulpaSavoy Representative of SvantiochnaCassandra Varr The...
The Andromeda Run - February
Distant Worlds 2 - Day 036
DW2 Entry 5: An outpost
Captians log 16/02/3305
Serg Ukrop
Дневник Дедушки.
Switch Killington
CMND Log 023 : Polonium Fields

Galnet news

17 Feb 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Federal Intelligence Agency has revealed that a nuclear weapon was taken from an unregistered outpost discovered last week, where dozens of personnel were gunned down by unknown perpetrators. The portable warhead, codenamed the Lucifer Device, is believed to possess enough power to destroy an entire city.

The Ambrose Foundation has confirmed that Lady Talitha Ambrose is missing, and that the family’s entire fortune has been lost. Believing that Lady Talitha has been kidnapped as part of the theft, the family has employed the Wallglass Investigations Agency to locate the missing heiress.

A campaign held by the Holloway Bioscience Institute to build a xenological research centre has concluded successfully. The new planetary outpost will be used to study lifeforms identified by the galactic community.

In other news, a number of priceless artefacts, spanning centuries of artistic history, have been stolen from the Museum of Civilization on Mars. In each case, the works were replaced with the image of a winking cat.

Finally, the Atlas Research Group has called for shipments of military materials to increase security in the Merope system. The initiative started with pledges from Atlas that public safety in the face of continued Thargoid activity remains a priority.

And those are the main stories this week.

16 Feb 3305
Nuclear Weapon Stolen

The Federal Intelligence Agency has discovered that a nuclear weapon has been taken from an unregistered outpost.

Senior Agent Rochelle Karim made the following statement:

“Further examination of the outpost discovered last week confirms that it was home to unlicensed nuclear research. Personnel at the site were constructing a portable fusion warhead codenamed the Lucifer Device.”

“One operational prototype was produced, but we have failed to locate it. Our assumption is that whoever invaded the base now possesses a movable bomb with a 300 megaton yield – enough to destroy an entire city.”

“This investigation is a top priority and we are exploring all available leads.”

15 Feb 3305
Heiress Confirmed Missing

The Ambrose Foundation has confirmed that Lady Talitha Ambrose is missing, and that all of its assets have been lost.

Baroness Oksana Ambrose, head of the institution, told the media:

“Everything we own has been transferred from our accounts to who knows where. Emergency funds are being used to settle debts and pay staff, but essentially the Ambrose Foundation is ruined.”

“I can only assume that vicious criminals have kidnapped Lady Talitha and tortured her into surrendering her inheritance.”

“I have used the last of our reserves to hire the Wallglass Investigations Agency. I pray that they can locate and rescue my beloved daughter.”

14 Feb 3305
Xeno-Research Campaign Ends

A campaign from the Holloway Bioscience Institute to build a xenological research centre has concluded successfully.

Chief researcher Dr Roy Casimir told the media:

“Thanks to Nahuaru Crimson Bridge Int we now have sufficient materials to build a planetary outpost where our scientists can study lifeforms identified by the galactic community.”

“We are also grateful for the exploration data provided by many pilots, which will help us create a new research catalogue.”

Pilots who took part in the campaign can now collect their rewards from Williams Vision in the Nahuaru system.

Fuel Rats Ad
16 Feb 2019


NGC 40

NGC 40 (also known as the Bow-Tie Nebula and Caldwell 2) is a planetary nebula discovered by William Herschel on November 25 1788, and is composed of hot gas around a dying star. The star has ejected its outer layer which has left behind a smaller, hot star with a temperature on the surface of about 50,000 degrees Celsius. Radiation from the star causes the shed outer layer to heat to about 10,000 degrees Celsius, and is about one light-year across. About 30,000 years from now, scientists theorize that NGC 40 will fade away, leaving only a white dwarf star approximately the size of Earth.

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