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Scubadog / today
No War Today...and Other Good News

Things got very tense for a few days back in the Bubble. The Silverbacks came oh, so close to war with TEAC, but some last minute diplomacy cooled things down. We are not happy TEAC is in our system. But we will tolerate it for now. In the midst of this I decided to spend a little time...well,...

Edixo / today
CMDR's Log; Supplemental

Ran down to the Pleiades after rigging out my Fleur De Lys with some passenger cabins, I'd ran rescue missions back in the first Thargoid wave, back then I was using an old Type 7. Figured I'd go help out again. When I was traveling between Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-7 and Atlas, I was pulled out...

Kris Afron / today
Returning to normal operations.

It is interesting and exciting heading off into the black for a time. There are definite benefits to it as well, the grind of hitting systems, scanning, using the FSS and then the mapping of interesting planets generates a steady increase in credits. There's (usually) no-one there to interdict or otherwise...

Korz / today
Another Medium Sized Gunship

The problem with making decisions is that we have to make them based on the information that we have, and sometimes after exhaustive research, we make the best decision that we can and hope it works out. When I was starting out as a pilot, I made the decision to purchase a python as my first medium multipurpose....

Pisodeuorrior / yesterday
Marvels of The Veils

I'm in the Veils again. It took a long time to get out the Formorian Frontier. For a start, it's vast. Then, I decided to fly across the outer border, almost close to the Abyss, and there weren't many stars to jump to so my route was fairly erratic. Nonetheless, I am now in the Veils again, and...
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Galnet news

14 Jan 3306
Witch Head System Designations Updated

Universal Cartographics has updated the names of fifteen systems in the Witch Head enclave.

Cynthia Sideris, chair of Universal Cartographics, elaborated on the development:

“Last year’s colonisation efforts resulted in a number of new settlements in the region, and providing systems with less unwieldy appellations is of great benefit to explorers. For example, ‘the Wisanye system’ rolls off the tongue much more agreeably than ‘the Witch Head Sector FB-X c1-7 system’.”

“We are confident that these more personable memorable terms will be welcomed by the Witch Head community.”

The Witch Head enclave is currently experiencing a number of Thargoid incursions, prompting local factions to call for assistance.

13 Jan 3306
Thargoid Incursions in Witch Head Enclave

A series of Thargoid incursions into human-occupied Witch Head systems has alarmed the region’s colonists. Multiple casualties have been reported, with pilots caught off-guard by the sudden increase in Thargoid ships.

The Thargoids had largely withdrawn from the Witch Head enclave following a heavy defeat in July 3305. Following a significant increase in Thargoid activity, Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research offered the following comments to Vox Galactica:

“Regrettably, the Thargoids were unlikely to surrender this area of space after a single defeat. Humanity may have established the Witch Head enclave, but the Thargoids are clearly still intent on driving us out – particularly with so many barnacle sites in the region.”

With starports at considerable risk of assault, local authorities are hopeful that a defence force can be organised soon. A number of independent pilots have already travelled great distances to engage the Thargoid forces.

Kelvin Masters, a regular pundit for the Rewired network, provided this take:

“Those people in the Witch Head are crazy if they thought the Thargoids were just going to roll over like good pups. We’re six months down the road from our initial expansion into the sector, and the local factions seem to have forgotten they’re living in Thargoid space. There’s a little push-and-shove for influence going on, corporations vying for control. What’s going to happen in the Witch Head enclave now the Thargoids are back in force?”

18 Dec 3305
Reorte Year’s End Festivities Conclude

End-of-year celebrations have concluded in the Reorte system, with organisers declaring the week a grand success.

Deliveries by independent pilots ensured that the needs of the billion-plus attendees were met. Meanwhile, agitators in the system were prevented from intercepting convoys or causing trouble.

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon offered this statement:

“I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation to everybody involved in the festivities, from interstellar traders to revellers on the streets. Now, as goods are packed away and sensory experience hubs are dismantled all across Home, the clean-up efforts begin. It has been a real honour to witness so many come together in Reorte.”

“On behalf of the Alliance Assembly, I wish everybody a most prosperous New Year.”

Pilots who took part in either campaign can now obtain their rewards from Davies High in the Reorte system.

12 Dec 3305
Year’s End Festivities in Reorte

The Reorte system has been selected for the Alliance’s end-of-year festivities, prompting huge demand for commodities.

Traders, performance artists and chefs throughout Allied space have already flocked to the system, where billions of attendees are expected. The planet Home is planning a synchronous firework display spanning every continent, while the habitation decks of Davies High will offer a culinary celebration featuring dishes from across the galaxy.

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon was the guest of honour at the commencement ceremony, and he offered these words to the gathered press:

“As the year draws to a close we have a lot to be thankful for. There is peace between the superpowers. Thargoid encroachments on human space have ceased. Through hard work and cooperation, we have proven ourselves capable of rising together in response to significant challenges. This is something each and every one of us can be proud of.”

“And so, the Reorte system will host a celebration to tell future generations about. We call upon the galactic community to ensure the system is well supplied, and look forward to rewarding these ever-reliable pilots for their continued service.”

The Reorte Mining Coalition has elected to oversee the initiative. Units of fish, fruit and vegetables, animal meat and beer have been requested at Davies High in the Reorte system. More exotic traders are also encouraged to bring units of Lavian Brandy, Anduliga Fire Works and Eranin Pearl Whiskey.

To ensure the celebration goes without a hitch, the Reorte Mining Coalition has also offered to pay handsomely for all bounties collected on wanted ships in the system.

The initiative is scheduled to run from the 12th to the 18th of December 3305. If the final targets are met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.


Évariste Galois

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Évariste Galois (; French: [evaʁist ɡalwa]; 25 October 1811 – 31 May 1832) was a French mathematician and political activist. While still in his teens, he was able to determine a necessary and sufficient condition for a polynomial to be solvable by radicals, thereby solving a problem standing for 350 years. His work laid the foundations for Galois theory and group theory, two major branches of abstract algebra, and the subfield of Galois connections. He died at age 20 from wounds suffered in a duel.

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